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TV meet Web, Web meet TV, both of You meet Social and don’t forget our friend: DIGITAL



Staying true to Rapid Blue’s core business of compelling content, we know that our clients want to produce content that is worth sharing beyond traditional media. At Rapid Blue Digital (RBD) we create original content or use clients existing content in other channels and mediums over and above their intended or original targets, thereby ensuring that the content is experienced by a new audience through social media and augmented reality.


Simply put we want to be a partner. Our experience and expertise are available to everyone. We are not aligned to any of the parties in the brand or media stables – we realise that there is a common objective and that it takes a collective effort to produce great content and deliver it. Our services are there to be the conduit at the various stages and cycles in the process.


There are some exciting things that are going to be coming out of the studio we have brought together different suppliers and co-developed or are co-developing some of our own pretty cool tools. We know sharing is caring and will do so as and when the time is right. So stay in contact with us, Like us, Link with us or do whatever you need to but keep in the loop. Or fast forward to Augmented Reality to see one of these new and exciting offerings.

“We are a company founded on Digital, it’s in our name , its what we do and using the latest and most up to date technology, programming and development skills, along with innovations of our own, We deliver best of breed, truly digital offerings!”

                                                                                                                                                                             – BRETT “BOSS MAN” LEVY


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